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Tekken 7 Getting a ‘My Replay & Tips’ Feature on January 28th

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  • Tekken 7 Getting a ‘My Replay & Tips’ Feature on January 28th
  • Tekken 7 January Update New Feature

Rejoice guys a new feature is heading to Tekken 7 next tomorrow. Bandai Namco Entertainment announced at EVO Japan 2020 that Tekken 7 will get a free update on January 28th that will add a “My Replay & Tips” feature alongside making balance changes.
The feature, as the name suggests, will conduct an analysis of players’ matches by replaying them and identifying strengths and areas of improvements. The game will then suggest tips, where necessary, based on the results of the analysis. According to an example provided by Gematsu, if players miss an opportunity to punish their opponents then the feature will make suggestions accordingly. Conversely, if players execute a punishing move well, then the feature will highlight what they did right. Without exaggerating more on’s what we know about the new character (via Reddit):

  • Once lauded as his country’s greatest hero, Fahkumram was a legendary Muay Thai fighter, unparalleled in his field. Showing remarkable talent for the martial art from an early age, he was marked as a future champion until suffering the terrible misfortune of being struck by lightning at the tender age of 12. After spending days on the brink of death, he managed to make a miraculous recovery, eventually developing a mighty physique and growing to over two meters tall. Combining his tremendous physical strength and technical mastery with a clever tactical brain, he became Muay Thai champion by the time he was 18. Brushing aside all competition, he was feted as a national hero. On the personal front, he married at the height of his popularity, and was soon blessed with a daughter.

  • At the age of 24, however, his life was to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Approached by a group of unknown men and offered a massive sum to throw his next bout, he was subsequently threatened with physical harm if he failed to comply. With no intention of succumbing to such corruption, Fahkumram knocked out his opponent with a single blow shortly after the gong. Incensed, the match-fixing gang attacked Fahkumram and tried to murder him, but Fahkumram proved too strong, and managed to kill several of his would-be assassins.

  • Arrested on the spot once the police arrived, Fahkumram tried to assert self-defense, but as corrupt policemen and soldiers made up part of the group which had approached him, he was arrested and held by the military in a secure location. His wife and daughter were subsequently taken hostage, after which Fahkumram was given no choice but to act in accordance with the instructions of his captors, participating in secret underground martial arts competitions and show-fights against tigers and other wild animals. Unable to see a way out, Fahkumram became more and more desperate and disillusioned, and gradually lost himself in more extreme acts of violence and rage.

  • Four years later, with the world embroiled in the battle between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation, the military forces controlling Fahkumram determined that the Mishima Zaibatsu posed a threat to the nation, and dispatched Fahkumram on a new mission. His task was to represent his country at The King of Iron Fist Tournament and claim victory there. With the promise that depending on the results he achieved, his family may be even set free, Fahkumram entered the fray, determined to win liberty for him and his family once and for all.

Legacies Season 2: Will Kai Parker's Arrival Have Huge Impact On The Series?

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  • Legacies Season 2: Will Kai Parker's Arrival Have Huge Impact On The Series?
  • Legacies Season 2 Kai Parker's Arrival

We were told last year that the Vampire Diaries villain kai Parker (Chris Wood) is heading to Legacies. Given that Kai has a big link to Lizzie and Josie, then it would make sense for it to happen for the story.
Imprisoned in a magical pocket dimension for his various wicked deeds across the earlier television series, Kai will resurface to menace his nieces in a two-episode arc on Legacies, with Chris Wood reprising his fan-favorite role. Showrunner Julie Plec revealed that Kai's return would impact the series moving forward, especially Josie and her studies in witchcraft that have intensified over the course of the second season.
It has a lot to do with Josie and the dabbling she’s been doing with black magic," explained Plec in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It’s a consequence of those actions that leads them to the proverbial and literal door of the prison world.”
At the beginning of Season 2, Josie and Lizzie had discovered the Ascendant, a mythical relic keeping Kai trapped in his prison. With Kai as the man who murdered their mother, the family reunion is sure to be an unpleasant one with Plec observing that the old villain will haunt Josie as "a mirror of what could be if she’s not careful.”
Legacies next episode airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on The CW.

Uncharted Movie Gets Delayed But Hey...Nathan Drake Is Still Coming Next Year

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  • Uncharted Movie Gets Delayed But Hey...Nathan Drake Is Still Coming
  • Uncharted Movie Delayed Said To Come Next Year

Nathan Drake Uncharted Movie debuting has been on air for awhile and fans are furiously waiting for the show.
The movie was originally scheduled for release on December 18th, 2020, it has now been set back until March 5th, 2021 according to Deadline. Under the current situation, it could almost be expected to see further delays as the film looks to find its seventh director, with Zombieland and Venom director Reuben Fleisher being high on Sony's list of possibilities. 

The current events are not boding well for what is set to be PlayStation Productions first outing, the studio made to create films and more based on all PlayStation IP's.

There will be an urge to keep this film on track, with there being a constant looming deadline on the availability of Tom Holland. His feature roll in the Spider-Man films, co-produced by both Sony and Marvel, will certainly not be set back as a result of an untested film based on the Uncharted video games. 
Tom Holland will be joined by Mark Wahlberg, playing the role of Nathan Drake's mentor 'Sully', with further cast members having not been announced.

Was Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X Hacked Through a WhatsApp Conversation With The Saudi Arabia Crown Prince?

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  • Was Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X Hacked Through a WhatsApp Conversation With The Saudi Arabia Crown Prince?
  • Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X Hacked Story

As reported by the New York Times,  Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X was hacked through a malicious video sent on WhatsApp. The video in question was sent by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman.
Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, received a message from the Mohammad bin Salman on WhatsApp, which included a video with Saudi and Swedish flags and Arabic text. The video file size was 4.4MB, as per a forensic analysis that Bezos got done. 

As per the analysis report, the video file contained malware, which was executed when the video file was sent, and allowed the hackers full access to Bezos’ iPhone X. These messages and photos later made their way to National Enquirer, who used them to blackmail Bezos. Jeff Bezos’ post on Medium ‘No thank you, Mr. Pecker‘ as a result of this whole issue.
Perhaps the biggest revelation in this accusation that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia intended to intimidate Jeff Bezos by spying on him, and hired a cybersecurity company to use malware for this purpose. Even the United Nations has chimed in on this issue, based on the analysis. The New York Times shared this about the analysis:

The analysis essentially accused the Saudi prince of using malware created by a private cybersecurity company to spy on and to intimidate Mr. Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post. At the time of the hack, Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident Saudi writer, was employed at The Post, which has published coverage critical of the Saudi government. Mr. Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in late 2018.

The New York Times did not verify the details of the hack, and also pointed out the missing details in the forensic report. As expected, Saudi Arabic has denied the allegations and asked for an investigation into the matter.

The malware at the root of this hack was allegedly provided by NSO Group, located on Tel Aviv, Israel. They have been known to provide malware to various governments, who have used them against journalists and human rights activists. NSO Group denied any involvement in Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X hack.
Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife MacKenzie got divorced last year, after 30 years of marriage. The reason was said to be Jeff Bezos’ affair with Lauren Sanchez, while he was still married to MacKenzie. This is where things get more interesting as the very latest reports by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal say that the photos and messages were obtained by the National Enquirer through Lauren Sanchez’s brother Micheal Sanchez.

This is not the first time that news has come out that the messages were leaked by Lauren’s brother. The Daily Beast had reported last year that the messages were leaked to the National Enquirer by Michael. He had signed an NDA with American Media, owners of the National Enquirer, and sold them the messages and photos for $200,000. Through documentation and other evidence, American Media provided this information to security agencies for investigation.
The forensic report commissioned by Jeff Bezos becomes questionable after this revelation. The insinuation that Saudi Arabia hacked Bezos’ iPhone X to leak his photos and messages does not hold much weight anymore. However, there is more to the story.

David Pecker, the owner of America Media, who Bezos addressed in his Medium post too, reportedly had close ties with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman. National Enquirer already had prior knowledge of Jeff Bezos’ affair with Lauren Sanchez, before Micheal Sanchez sold them the photos and messages. Bezos also received a WhatsApp message from the Crown Prince in November 2018, with a misogynistic joke and a picture of a woman who looked like Lauren Sanchez, indicating that knowledge of his affair was also shared with the Crown Prince beforehand.

New Wastelanders Reveals New Factions Heading To Fallout 76

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  • New Wastelanders Reveals New Factions Heading To Fallout 76
  • Two New Wastelanders For Fallout 76

Wastelanders, the free Fallout 76 expansion that is set to reintroduce human NPCs to the Appalachian wasteland, got new screenshots. The developers revealed two new factions coming to the game: the Settlers and the Raiders.
Bethesda Game Studios noted that both Fallout 76 locations (Foundation and Crater) will be completely revamped with Wastelanders, featuring new vendors, crafting areas, and plenty of human NPCs to talk to. That said, the interactions with said NPCs will depend heavily on the reputation you have with the respective factions; Bethesda promised to divulge more next week about this new reputation system that's being added to Fallout 76 with Wastelanders.

And here's an important thing you need to note down, if you play Fallout 76 and also own a Twitch Prime subscription (or an Amazon Prime subscription, which can be linked to Twitch), there's a bunch of free 'loot' you can get provided you follow the instructions on this page before January 28th.
Led by Paige, the former head of a Construction Workers Union in Washington D.C., the Settlers are a hard-working and industrious crew, primarily made up of people who are well-versed in how to construct and run a city. After hearing that Appalachia might offer some refuge from the trials of the Wasteland, they made their way into the area in hopes of finding a safe place to begin rebuilding. They broke ground at Spruce Knob, began repurposing its existing buildings, cleared the surrounding trees, and a fledgling city has begun taking shape, which they’ve dubbed “Foundation”. These Settlers may know their way around construction equipment, but they have no idea what challenges you and others have faced in Appalachia during the past year. It may be mutually beneficial to seek them out to share your experiences and lend a helping hand toward their efforts.

The Raiders are no strangers to Appalachia. At one time they even called it home. After they caught wind that people were returning to the land they once claimed for themselves, the Raiders and their leader Meg decided to come back and put a stop to anyone who would dare snatch up their rightful territory. They’ve set up a rather formidable base of operations at the Crashed Space Station that they call “Crater” and outsiders who drop by unannounced aren’t going to get a warm welcome. If you’re looking to arrange an introduction to Meg and her gang, you will need to be crafty.

Apex Legends Reveals Its New Season 4 Character, Weapon, and More

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  • Apex Legends Reveals Its New Season 4 Character, Weapon, and More
  • Apex Legends Season 4 Character & Weapons

Apex Legends Season 4, entitled “Assimilation,” showed off roughly 2 weeks and EA and Respawn have revealed details about what players can expect. 
Before we go on have a look at the Season 4 reveal livestream with the folks from Respawn, which includes some interesting behind-the-scenes details from Apex’s breakout first year.

Here’s what to expect from Season 4:
  • New Legend: Forge - Confident yet humble, Forge uses his size, strength, and heavy-duty Shatter Gauntlets to batter his opponents into submission.
  • All-New Battle Pass - Over 100 exclusive items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, Loading Screens, Music Packs, and more!
  • New Weapon: Sentinel - Cut through your enemies' armor before they ever see you coming with this bolt-action sniper rifle.
  • Ranked Series 3 - Hone your skills in the new series of Ranked mode. Drop in and discover your true nature. Get more details about Ranked Series 3, right here.

In addition, Respawn will be celebrating one year of Apex Legends by giving away free stuff! Everybody who logs in between February 4 and February 11 will get the following goodies:
  • Year 1 Origami Flyer charm
  • Year 1 Loyalty badge. The Loyalty badge comes in 3 different flavors depending on when you took your first leap from the drop ship, so feel free to flex on all your latecomer buddies.
  • 10k XP for your first match of the day (available each day)

Apex Legends is available now on PC and Consoles, and PS4. Season 4 debuts on February 4.

Cyberpunk 2077 Developers To Work With QLOC Studio In Production Of The Game

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  • Cyberpunk 2077 Developers To Work With QLOC Studio In Production Of The Game
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Team Joins QLOC Studio

Since the one of the most anticipated game is dropping this year, a hell lot of news is surfacing this is one big game everyone is waiting for. The team at CD Projekt Red is no doubt working all-out to make it happen, and, in fact, they’ve teamed up with Studio that have worked with Capcom and Namco Bandai.
Today developer QLOC announced they’ll be joining the Cyberpunk 2077 team in both a development and Q&A capacity. 

QLOC is mainly known for ports on remasters. Some notable projects include Dark Souls Remastered, Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition, the current-gen versions of Dragon’s Dogma, and recent PC ports of NetherRealm fighters like Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11.

Lately, there have been rumors going around that Cyberpunk 2077’s recent delay was due to the game not running well on current-gen base consoles. On the CD Projekt forums Cyberpunk 2077 senior quest designer Philipp Weber seemed to confirm optimizing for current consoles was a focus, but not the only reason for the game’s delay…

  • Of course we're optimizing for the Xbox One, and for the PlayStation, and for the PC, because that's what you do in the last stretches of game development. While the game is made, lots of things are unoptimized, because they're all in flux, changing, and still not finished.
  • So simple answers like "They delayed the game because of X" might make for a good rumor, but don't hold a lot of truth. There's always many reasons. Among them, and I can speak for myself, simply fixing bugs, so the game is as polished as possible. No hidden agendas, just working on making the game better.

QLOC moving in to help is not a bad idea we'll support anything that will make the upcoming franchise better and well ported.

Race For 6G Is On Here's What China Have In Mind

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  • Race For 6G Is On Here's What China Have In Mind
  • 6G Network News

I know many of you are wondering why we're talking about the 6G band when some Smartphone companies have not released a 5G support smartphone for instance Apple is gearing up to release it's first flagship with 5G band support this year. 
However, it takes about 10 years to develop a new generation communication network thus the earlier R&D starts, the better. Technically, 5G is still in its infancy and many regions of the world do not have this network. 

But hey.. nobody wants to be left behind in 6G development. While Japanese government has stated its readiness to fund 6G research and development in the country, China is clearly ahead in the development of 5G. However, with the US and other regions working hard, it will be a tight race for 5G successor.
And 6G band race has just began. At a recent conference by the Chinese Council Information Office, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology talked about 6G. According to him, China is not anxious regarding 6G. His statement reads...
Race For 6G Band Has Just Began And China Is Ready For The Long Ride
  • “For China, it is necessary to be down-to-earth. The application of 5G is just starting and much work remains to be done. 5G work must be done well, but we must start work on its successor. However, whether it is 5G or 6G, this work is global. At present, our research progress is similar to 5G. We are still in the exploration stage…”.
  • He added “We have now expanded (IMT-2020) to IMT-2030. This organization is mainly based on the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology. It organizes all aspects of the world to work together on next-generation standards research. It has three standards in the 3G era, two global standards in the 4G era, global unified standards in the 5G era. 
  • The benefits of global unified standards are self-evident. We must cherish hard-won achievements. In the 6G era, no matter what, we must also work to promote global standards. In the process, we must adhere to open cooperation. We will never close our doors to study China’s standards ourselves”.
Source: ITHome

New Low Cost iPhone Claimed To Be iPhone 9 Production Starts February Official Announcement Comes March

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  • New Low Cost iPhone Claimed To Be iPhone 9 Production Starts February Official Announcement Comes March
  • Low Cost iPhone 9 Coming This Year

Are you kidding me? A new report reaching us now states that Apple will begin assembling its lower-cost iPhone 9 in February and make it official in March 2019.
According to Bloomberg the assembly will reportedly be split between Taiwan-based manufacturers Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn), Pegatron Corp and Winstron Corp.

The report claims the iPhone 9 will have an iPhone 8-inspired design with a Touch ID home button, 4.7-inch screen and iPhone 11-matching Apple A13 Bionic chipset. So tell us what do you think about this? Are excited to hear this? Tell us in the comments below.
Source: Bloomberg

The Vampire Diaries 'Paul Wesley' Heads Back to CW to Direct Episode Of Batwoman

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  • The Vampire Diaries 'Paul Wesley' Heads Back to CW to Direct Episode Of Batwoman
  • Paul Wesley To Direct Episode Of Batwoman

One of the Salvatore brothers is heading back to CW to handle a very important job what could that be? According to Entertainment Weekly The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley is set to direct the upcoming 17th episode of Batwoman's first season.
Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) shared the news in a post to his Instagram story on Monday that also revealed that the episode is written by Daphne Miles. Other information about the episode specifically the title was blocked out. For fans of The CW, Wesley may be best known for his role as good-hearted and charming vampire Stefan Salvatore on the network's long-running and popular series The Vampire Diaries.
Wesley made his directorial debut during The Vampire Diaries' fifth season directed four additional episodes of the series before it concluded. Beyond his work on The Vampire Diaries, Wesley has directed two episodes of Shadowhunters, an episode of Roswell, New Mexico, and an episode of The Vampire Diaries spinoff, Legacies. Outside of his work as a director, Wesley stars in CBS All Access' Tell Me a Story which is currently in its second season.
It will be interesting to see what Wesley's episode of Batwoman will hold for the character and the series. Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

Two Nintendo Switch Unannounced Titles Leaked

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  • Two Nintendo Switch Unannounced Titles May Come In 2020
  • Two Nintendo Switch Unannounced Titles

According to a reliable source Nintendo has two unannounced switch titles which may be revealed this year. Sabi, a writer for Spiel Times and a reliable leaker, said on Twitter last week that both a new Paper Mario game and a new Metroid game (not Metroid Prime 4, unfortunately) will be coming to Nintendo Switch at some point in 2020.
In subsequent tweets, Sabi shared a few additional tidbits of information. Apparently, Paper Mario will be “going back to how it was,”  implying that the next entry in the series will be more like the original games than Sticker Star or Color Splash, which removed many of the RPG elements that defined the classic N64 game. As for the Metroid game, it will supposedly be 2D and have some relation to Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance, tweets below...

Considering both franchises have been rather stagnant this generation, as the last Paper Mario game launched on Wii U in 2016 and the last Metroid game hit the 3DS in 2017, it seems entirely possible that Nintendo is gearing up for new entries on the Switch.

Although several major titles have already been confirmed for this year. The company says that even more games will be added to this list:
2020 is going to be great, Nintendo has a lot surprises for us I can feel it!..

Apple iPhone 11 Models Hits Up To 69% Of US Smartphones Sales In Q4 Of 2019

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  • Apple iPhone 11 Lineup Hits Up To 69% Of US Apple Sales In Q4 Of 2019
  • Apple 2019 Smartphones Sales Records

When it comes to producing a unique superior devices with outstanding Chips all credits goes to Apple. The iPhone 11 models massive improvement in key areas, and just to be clear, the flagship manages to does this while retaining the same starting price as its predecessor, the iPhone XS Max.
According to a research report from CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), 69% of iPhones sold in in the US in Q4 were of those released in 2019. The iPhone 11 was the most popular at 39%, while both the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max each accounted for 15% of sales. This is an interesting shift considering the iPhone XS Max heavily outsold the iPhone XS. It’s likely that many with the iPhone X are upgrading to the 11 Pro this year.
Image Credit: CIRP
Even though the iPhone XR’s price went down to $599 following the release of the iPhone 11 series, the current flagship continued to sell well this year making up about 18% of overall iPhone sales this quarter.
Since Apple does not reveal official numbers for iPhone sales anymore, CIRP uses the (US-WARP= Weighted Average Retail Price) to track the average selling price. It estimates the average is $809, up from $783 Q3 of 2019. It was lower than the Q4 peak of $839 last year, suggesting the lower price of the iPhone 11 and price-reduced iPhone XR offset the upward trend.
Trending: Low Cost iPhone Said To Be iPhone 9 Production Starts Next Month Official Announcement Coming In March
Image Credit: CIRP
Majority of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max buyer went with storage higher than 64GB while most buyers of other iPhone models went with just the base storage. Note that this survey is based on 500 US Apple customers that purchased an Apple product in the October, December 2019 period. So tell us in the comments the model you got for yourself or for your girlfriend on Christmas!!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Flight Inbound To Test Single Player and Co-op Campaign, Multiplayer & More!!

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  • Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Flight Inbound To Test Single Player, Co-op Campaign, Multiplayer, Customisation & Progression
  • Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Flight Inbound

According to blog post on the official Halo Waypoint forums, the developer detailed its next Halo: The Master Chief Collection game update and provided additional information on what is going to be flighted next. 
Following the release of Halo Reach for PC back in December of last year, 343 Industries now intends to kick off flighting for the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, later this month for external partners that work closely with the studio (rings 1 and 2). A select number of PC gamers, insiders from Ring 3, are expected to test out the first Halo on PC next month.
343 Industries writes that it’s looking to test and gather feedback on a wider range of content prior to the launch Halo Combat Evolved on PC later this year. Flighting content will include the game’s single-player and co-op campaign, multiplayer mode, customization options and progression.

  • These areas are focused into the following gameplay elements which will include validating dedicated servers, peer-to-peer connections, crossplay between Steam and Windows version, new UI for customization in H:CE, and the next season’s progression for H:CE”, 343’s Engagement Coordinator, Tyler “Postums” Davis writes.
To engage in the upcoming Ring 3 Flight for the first Halo on PC, be sure to have your Halo Insider profile up-to-date with a verified email and have indeed opted in for 343 Industries to contact you. In addition, you are required to have opted in for PC flighting and have your latest DXDIAG uploaded to your profile.

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