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Sunday, August 28, 2016

/ by Theo Mason

Mega app has been one of the most crucial app that has come to stay in android. Over the years I have discovered the importance of this app. Its 50gb of free space is  extremely appetizing when it comes to storing file but I felt disappointed with the app because of one feature that's not enabled in it and that is not able to pause and resume files. I discovered this app when I wanted to download a custom ROM online, then I didn't have the app installed in my phone, so when I clicked on the link, it redirected me to playstore thus making me to download the app immediately. During the downloading process I had an unexpected network failure and that lead the ROM that I was already half way to download start afresh. I was pretty bitter so I decided to try out the advanced mega downloader app which serves pretty much well.

How to use advance mega downloader
 Advance mega downloader enables you to pause and resume files easily without any stress and its pretty much fast. 

To download mega files using mega Downloader, copy the file URL (that has a mega supported link) then open the advance mega Downloader app and click on the paste icon, the app will automatically paste the link itself (I.e if its a mega link to a file) not click on the good icon and the app will start downloading. 

You can pause and resume it to see how perfectly this app works.

Download link
Mega downloader apk here

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