Fix invalid imei or baseband error after flashing a custom rom

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

/ by Theo Mason
Flashing of customized ROM in your android device has been a pretty easy thing to do now, but sometimes we experience bugs/errors like invalid imei or unknown baseband (depending on some devices)
I will write down a brief tutorial on how to fix it below so keep reading . 

To know what I am actually talking about, when you switch on your device dial *#06# and it will write "invalid imei" without fixing this crucial error you will be limited to make calls and recharge your mobile whick sucks alot. Now let's fix this issue.

I guess your phone is an MTK device and is already rooted.
Now we will be tweaking a new imei to your phone
Remove the battery of your device and copy out the imei number written on it ( you can also generate an imei using imei analyser click here to download)

Now power on your device, download and install mobile uncle here to download.

launch the app and grant it root access, navigate to "engineer mode" 

Note: there are two options there, namely

Engineer mode (android)
engineer mode (mtk)

click on the engineer mode (mtk) slide to connectivity and click on CDs information, click on radio information, you will see

phone 1
phone 2

I.e if your phone is using dual simcard if not select the one you see
now select either phone 1 or phone 2 (guess you have to select both since you are facing the invalid imei) 
you will be taken to a page as below

type in any letter word example G and delect immediately now an option will appear as shown below

click on AT+EGMR=1,7,"" now navigate the cursor or pointer to be in the center of the colon example
AT+EGMR=1,7,"/" were the slash / is assumed to be your pointer now type in the imei you copied at the back of your device or you can generate imei using imei analyser

After inputting your device imei click on SEND AT COMMAND 

you will see a message like "AT command is sent".

Now follow the above steps to change your sim 2 imei (if you are using a dual simcard)
reboot your device and the issue is solved
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