Easy Steps to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link

Friday, September 16, 2016

/ by Theo Mason
The newest feature of WhatsApp allows its users to Create WhatsApp group invite link so that people can easily join your group in WhatsApp once the click on the generated link. Today I will show you how to easily create WhatsApp group invite link with GB WhatsApp.
Advantage of this trick
* You can join a group without the admin permission
* Ability to add anyone to the group without having to save his/her number in phone book
* People can join using the group invitation link.
As you can see, the advantage is extremely good so if you which to know how to create group invite link, keep reading below.
Steps to create WhatsApp group invite link
* Open the GB WhatsApp in your phone
* Click on Settings option> Group info
* Tap on add member option
* Click on invite group via link
* Now wait a moment for the group link to be created
* Done!
Now open the link and share with your friends.
How to join WhatsApp group via group invite link
* Copy the invite link and browse it via any suitable browser you prefer
* Now select your WhatsApp messager
* It will ask you to join the group
* Click on OK and you're done.
You can also use WA prime to create a group invite link
NOTE: This method may not work for some users so its recommended you use the first one.
* Uninstall your WhatsApp from your device and download WA prime apk (search for it in Google web)
*  After downloading, open WA prime app and create an account
* Now select the group which you want to generate  invite link
NOTE: You must be an admin in a group in other to create a WhatsApp invitation link.
* Once you open the group, click on group info option then click on + (Add member) option
* Now you will see "invite to group via link" just click on it
* Once you click on it a link will be create just copy and share with your friends.
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