How to add subtitle to a movie on android using MX player

Thursday, September 15, 2016

/ by Theo Mason
Sometimes we download movies that differs with our language and with that we are unable to know what exactly is happening in that movie. Although for me I actually don't like adding subtitle to my movies or rather I don't fancy a movie with subtitles. I prefer my movies to be in full HD and also the characters using the universal language which is English, as reading those subtitle kind off get be bored...
Out of all the media player in Google playstore I will solemnly recommend the MX player since its actually the best out there and its quiet easy for us to achieve our aim of adding subtitles to our movies easily.
Below is why I recommend MX player when it comes to adding subtitle to a movie.
* Ability to synchronized a subtitle thereby adjusting it the way you want.
* Ability to change subtitle font, color and border easily
* Ability to add background colour to subtitle
There are also many more features packed in the MX player for android. Although the free version of MX played is not ads free, but you can purchase the paid version which does not show ads. But trust me the ads hardly shows when watching a movie.
How to add the subtitle in a movie
There are two method used to add subtitle in a movie using MX player for android and we are going to discus it below.
The first method is to manually download the movie subtitle from an online website listed below.
The above website are easy to use, just login to it and search for the movie name you which to download its subtitle.
After downloading extract the zip file(I.e if its in zip) and copy it to your sdcard/subtitle.
NOTE: If you have downloaded the MX player, it will automatically create the subtitle folder in your sdcard (see screenshot below)

Now open the MX player and play the movie you which to add subtitle to.( the movies you downloaded its subtitle. Example teenage mutant ninja out of the box).
Click On the three dotted icon on the top of the MX player,

navigation to subtitle and click on it, a box will open again, click on open it will then open another box now click on folder up and scroll down, select the subtitle folder and tap on it, then it will load.
The second method is to automatically download subtitle from the MX player directly while playing the video.
* Open the video you which to add subtitle too
* Click on the three dotted icon and select subtitle.
*  Now click on Get subtitle online then tap search
*  A box will pop out asking you to search for English subtitle from
* Tick the enter your search text box and enter the movie name you wish to add subtitle too .
NOTE: the movie name should be in full form, you can rename it before searching or search for it as renamed already.
Example: TMNT should be teenage mutant ninja turtle. So type tenaage mutant ninja turtle in the text to search box. (Rename the movie first)
* After entering the movie name tap OK and MX player will search for the subtitle
*  Once a subtitle is found it should Be in SRT format so click on it and it will add the subtitle to the movie and also automatically save it in sdcard/subtitle folder.
You can synchronize the subtitle the way you prefer  to do this click the dotted icon and select synchronization. (Follow prompt )
Done! Now subtitle has been added to your movie.
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