How to backup your photos and videos in Google plus

Friday, September 9, 2016

/ by Theo Mason
Its highly essential to have your google+ photo backed up in your storage system in case if something happened unexcepectedly you can easily restore them. I will drop a few steps below on how to achieve this.
1. Sign in with your Google account in your Android smartphone and if you haven’t signed up with google+ then don’t waste time sign up as soon as possible.
2. Download Google+ app in your Android Smartphone, Every latest phone now are coming up with all the google features inbuilt. So you don’t even need to download any app look at your app list or search for the folder named Google
3. Launch the Google plus app and click on settings- click on auto backup
4. Tick Auto backup ON. 
5. Now under backup settings click in backup photo. Then choose either "backup photo when only on WiFi or backup photo when on mobile data and WiFi" I recommend the second one.
6. Tick backup photos to local folder and also when roaming.

7. Now click on backup all, tap yes on the prompt that will appear.

Note: you can get more storage to store your files too.

To do that, click in Get more storage and select any browser to get you redirected.

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