How to easily share apk files in Whatsapp Messenger

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

/ by Theo Mason

The issue of sharing apk files in whatsapp have become one of the very most common questions that is easily asked anywhere. People have patiently been waiting for this amazing future to hit the whatsapp platform and I guess the developers are solemnly working on It in other to impress there users. Today we will easily show you how to share apk files among your friends and get it install and working on your mobile device.

This trick is quiet simple, since WhatsApp enables its users to share documents, video,audio and images across the platform. We are going to use the "documentation" process to achieve this.

Guide to share apk files via WhatsApp...

* We know you already have the WhatsApp messager installed on your mobile device.

* Go to your file manager or zarchiver whichever one you are using and search for the app you want to share.

* Now rename the app from its original apk format to doc.

Example:  Gangster Rio.apk rename to gangster Rio.doc

* Launch your whatsapp and navigate to the friend in your contact list that you want to share the app with, click on the icon behind the call button at the top of the whatsapp.

* Select document and a list will pop out showing you all the .doc in your device.

* Scroll down and locate the app you renamed earlier on and tap on it.

* A message will appear asking of you want to send the file to your friend.

* Click send and its done.

How To install the app in your device after sharing...
* After sharing the file to your friend.
* All he has to do it to rename the file format from .doc to .apk.
Example: Gangster Rio.doc rename to Gangster Rio.apk.
* Now he/she can easily install the app.
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