How to keep your device memory card and battery working good and efficiently

Saturday, September 10, 2016

/ by Theo Mason

memory card is the storage unit for mobile phones, its use is quiet essential to help you expand your internal storage and by that you can be able to install more apps and games to your mobile. But sometimes we do not know how to maintain and keep our memory card working good. So today I will enlighten you on how you can keep your memory card and battery in a good state.
​1. Install Half amount of Supported Memory Card in Your Mobile.
Suppose, Your Mobile Supports 8GB Memory. Then install 4GB Memory.Also keep more than half amount of free memory card to make your mobile working like new and running smooth.
2. Do not use your memory card with a Card reader.
3. Use Data Cable Instead of Card Reader.
4. If you want to format your memory card use your mobile. Do not use a computer. And if you do, you might get problems on it.
5. Endeavor to scan your memory card with antivirus.
How to Keep Your Battery Working Good :
1. Do not use Keypad tones and vibration in your mobile phone.
2. Keep Your Mobile Display Brightness at Medium. That could save your battery life.
3. Remove charger plug once your mobile get fully charged.It is a very simple and important thing to do.
4. Close all open and unnecessary apps.
5. Turn off all unnecessary features like bluetooth, gps, infrared etc.
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