How to play High end(HD) games with Gl tool (Graphic optimizer)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

/ by Theo Mason
Hello erudites! Have you for any common reason had an issue playing HD game probably because you have low budget to get a smartphone that support high end game like 9mm, GTA San andreas, NBA 2k16. Don't worry because the android developers has heard your problem and developed an app that can enable you to play HD games in your android device.
Here comes gl tool, an android app that enables you to play the resolution and graphic rendering and optimization of Games and apps. It will allow you to play games which requires higher specs or rather play games with lesser lags and force close. If you are familiar with what this app can do, it might be you have heard of Chainfire3D, but, this one supports any android versions starting from android 2.2 and above with lesser issues.
Disclaimer: Use this app at your own risk for we won't take responsibility for any damage you encounter with your device.
MakeMake sure your smartphone is rooted and also backup your stock ROM incase if anything goes wrong.
Note that this app works well on jellybean device for I have been using it to play HD games with my techno p5

1. Download and install GLTools from here

2. Open GLTools, read and understand the check list below before checking all the check boxes. Select Install. Wait for your device to reboot. There will be an uninstaller of the GLTools flashable through custom recovery, it can be found on your SD card.
3. Again, open GLTools then select the Game you want to play.
4. Check Enable custom settings for this

Here's the tweaking part
5. Check Force 16 bit rendering. (it reduces lighting and shading effects but not much a biggie in the graphics)
6. Check Optimize GLSL shaders. (for optimizing OpenGL shading responsible for color, texture, structure)
7. Enable and set Downscale texture as what you like. (It reduces the texture therefore, lesser lag)
8. You may want to Use fake GPU info. (Can also improve game graphics quality and performance)
9. Now, it's done. Play any games you wanted.
How to completely uninstall GLTools?
1. Simply reboot to custom recovery.
2. install zip from SD card then choose
3. Wait and GLTools will be uninstalled.
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