How to replace whatsapp default emoji using emoji replacer

Saturday, September 10, 2016

/ by Theo Mason
How to replace whatsapp default emoji using emoji replacer.

Good day guys Today we're going to show you how to replace WhatsApp default emoji to your preferred emoji style. This trick is actually the best if you are bored of the default whatsapp emoji. It may or may not work on some smartphone. So give it a luck. 
We are going to use an app known as emoji replacer to achieve this.

*Features of emoji replacer
Marshmallow Compatible.
Allows you to replace the emojis/emoticons in WhatsApp Instant Messaging App.

*Has 12 Different packs to choose from :

1. Emoji One
2. Twemogi [Twitter's Emoji]
3. iOS Flat
4. Google Android N
5. hTC Sense 7
6. LG G5
7. Microsoft Windows 10
8. Mozilla FireFox OS
9. Samsung TouchWiz 6.0.1
10. TMNT
11. DeadPool
12. FaceBook Messenger


Xposed install
Rooted phone
Emoji replacer
Download and install the xposed installer from here. Make sure the xposed installer is in the internal storage. 

Install the emoji replacer and launch the xposed installer, click on modules and tick the emoji app go back and click on framework, reboot your device to activate the app.

Now open the WhatsApp emoji replacer and activate module. Choose your WhatsApp mod(either GB WhatsApp or stock WhatsApp anyone).

Click on Emoji list and select the emoji you prefer, download and extract the emoji and see the magic.
Hope it helps! Y'all drop your comments below.

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