Simple tricks to become a whatsapp expert

Saturday, September 10, 2016

/ by Theo Mason
Simple tricks to become a whatsapp expert

Hello erudites! Today we're going to show you the common WhatsApp tricks you probably won't know. Even though we use WhatsApp everyday, there are some feature and tricks we don't know how to customize ourself. So we will be listing those tricks here.

How to change background wallpaper in whatsapp..
Open your WhatsApp,and click on option,click on settings, click on chats. Now click wallpaper and select your gallary folder or the WhatsApp library (I.e if you downloaded it). Select the background you want and click set.

How to create a group in whatsapp...
Open your whatsapp click on option, click on New group, it will take you to your contact list,now select the members you want to add to the group, click the floating next button. Input the group name and create.

How to reduce how much data WhatsApp consumes and also stop auto media download...
Click on option,select settings, select data usage,Now untick all the options in when using mobile data and also when connected to WiFi followed by when roaming. call settings.

How to change WhatsApp number ...
To change WhatsApp number click on option, click on settings click account select change number, tap next, input your old number in the first box and on the second box inpuy new number.

How to manage your last seen, profile photo and status in whatsapp ...
Click on option, tap settings, , go to account  and select privacy. select everyone or my contact or Nobody. (If you select everyone, then all your friends will see your last seen online, if you select my contact,only those in your contact list will see your last seen. If you select nobody then all your friends won't see your last seen and you can't see there's also.). Same veries with profile photo and status.

How to create New broadcast in whatsapp...
Click on option, select New Broadcast,choose at least two contact and tap the √ icon.

How to block and unblock your friends in whatsapp...
Select the friend you which to block, click option, select more and tap block. Click yes at the warning message that will pop up.

How to mute a group message....
Select the group you want to mute, click option and tap mute.

How to archive a conversion in whatsapp...
Tap and hold on the friend contact you wish to  archiver, tap the icon shown below.
Its done, you can explore the WhatsApp app to see more option and know there functions.
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