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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

/ by Theo Mason
This is the easier way to become a gamer with gamepads you can now play games in your smartphone comfortably. Handheld gaming has come a long way since the days of the Game boy and Game Gear. many of us moved from plastic cartridges and link cables to smartphones with console-level graphics and five point multi-touch. Gamepad allows you to show off your complete gaming skills is easy to use for both new and experienced gamers and gamepad is a must have item for every gamer around the world. The gamepad allows you to control games easily and with expert precision. Gamepad allows you to enjoy precision control of a wide range of games such as racing competition and RPGS(Role playing games) all you have to do is connect and enjoy


This is a booming gamepad, play-station dual shock 4 controller clip on mount for Android phones. The smart-clip PlayStation 4 conveniently holds your smartphone onto your controller allowing for an integrated hands free second screen experience. The device is designed with a fully adjustable and expandable clip and will easily hold any generation iphone, Android, Windows phone and blackberry devices. The clip attaches the dual shock 4 controller utilizing a non-intrusive strap system keeping the ergonomics of the controller intact. The smart-clip is the best way to enjoy the added benefits of the screen experience on PlayStation 4.

#2) IPEGA:

This is a Newest Extendable gamepad portable Bluetooth wireless Game pad and joystick control movies play games and streaming music apps UI Navigation and so much more 100% perfect working condition Gamers everywhere supports most major games and online games including hundreds of simulator games . Maximum supports 10 inch phone or pad complete with a friendly user-interface. You do not need to install any Drivers to start using it.
*suitable with iOS. Android and PC.
*supports Bluetooth.
*supports vast majority of big games and simulator games.
*telescopic stand for 5-10 inch phones.
*long battery life (up to 20hours).
*user-friendly interface.


An Android wireless Bluetooth gamepad for smartphones, tablets, smart box Android TV Box Bluetooth wireless connection may freely manipulated without delay within 10 mater's download supportive games. connect mobile phone directly without root, without installing any Drivers, without setting up the key mapping with fine dual analog joystick precess cross key and 14 action buttons ergonomic design controller for Android phone.
*1x bluetooth controller for android phone
*1x USB cable
*1x holder.


If you've got a spare PS3 controller it's one of the most Affordable ways to start Gaming in your smartphone with real buttons the Game-klip is an Affordable adapter price ranging up for $14.95 that lets you attach your smartphone to a PS3 controller. Despite it's price and simplicity the Game-klip is manufactured surprisingly well even the angle at which it holds your phone seems to be carefully considered. Alone the Game-klip isn't an awe-inspiring device but what it allows you to do certainly comes close leaving you to focus solely on your smartphone also enjoy games like racing games and first person shooters it feels completely different when playing with Game-klip everything feels smoother and more responsive.


Matricom is a G-pad Bx wireless USB Rechargeable Bluetooth pro. the gamepad joystick with 3D feedback motors that gives your games the ultimate experience available. The device is built in lithium ion battery provides hours of non stop gaming fun. Matricom comes with different modes.
*Android - x+Mode.
*Mouse Emulation - A+Mode.
You can also use matricom with Samsung Gear VR and G-box you will have to use the Android mode. If changing the mode to any other mode the gamepad will function as a different platform.


The MOGA Hero Power from BD&A offers you the best Bluetooth Controllers for your smartphone. The slim and portable design of this Gamepad enables you to carry it along with you while you travel. The button layout design of this Gamepad offers you the feel of traditional console controllers. The Bluetooth technology automatically connects to your mobile device to deliver you the superior gaming experience.


One of the well-known brands manufacturing the best Gamepads. This Gamepad comes with 4 shoulder triggers, 12 keys, 2 joysticks and a D-pad. This Gamepad is compatible with all of your Android devices. Moreover, the pocket-friendly design enables you to carry the gaming pad along with you wherever you travel.
The auto power off feature automatically stops your game when the Gamepad is not in use. The inbuilt lithium-ion battery of 350mAh capacity allows you to enjoy non-stop gaming for about 5 to 8 hours. The BEBONCOOL App offers you with a wide range of 300 games to play on your Android devices.


The Gamepads easily connect to smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth-pairing via NFC portability isn't a problem either as it's compact size enables you to play anytime & anywhere when connected with your smartphone the mobile console app can be run by pressing the "play button" also smartphone mobile console games can be accessed quickly and easily too just connect and enjoy!!!!

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