Tips for creative Ads on Facebook

Saturday, September 9, 2017

/ by Theo Mason
With Facebook Ad you can reach an audience more likely to be interested in your products and services. Have you asked yourself why your products is declined by people? Have you ever sat down and think why people don't respond to your ad??.

*Consider your customers point of view put yourself in the shoes of your typical customer and ask yourself what would make me respond to this ad? Then appeal to those emotions.

*First of all what is creative ad?. Have you ever ask yourself what creative ad really means? Your creative ad has to consists of the image and text also known as copy that get people to take action, such as make a purchase or develop interest in your business. When you build your creative ad think about your business goal determine why you want to run an ad and understand what impact you want the ad to have on your business. Also know your target audience think about your customers interests and how products and services address their needs.

*Write ad copy that focuses on your business goal and is likely to get people to respond for example describe what's unique about a new product or tell people about your latest lunch special is.

*Choose the right image select a photo that you think will get the attention of your target audience for example, use a close-up of a new product or show an employee serving your latest lunch speial. if your image has text such as a sign use the image text check tool to make sure it's not too text heavy which could hurt your ads performance.

*Taking a great photos think about mobile first a smartphone is good place to start taking good quality photos. review photos in a mobile device to ensure your subject is clear and any writing is legible.

*Get to the point stick to one subject get people to start thinking about your business and looking for more information even if you have multiple things to promote keep your text and choose a relevant call to action like (shop Now or Get offer)

*Get audience related to your products when you run an ad on Facebook you target it to a group of people who can potentially see it those people are the audience for your ad. while determining the audience for your ad, find people who fit your customer profile by selecting locations demo graphics, interests behaviors and connections.


Let people  know about a special deal such as a discount by creating an offer from your business page. Also let customers receive reminders when offers are about to expire and can return to an offer anytime from their offers bookmark. Enter key details to help get more people to claim your offer also get people's attention with short simple text. make sure people know when your deal about to end so they're compelled to act now. Facebook can help your small business grow today when you use relevant Ad Creative to help grow your business.

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