Five Best Office Jobs

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

/ by Theo Mason
Five Best Office Jobs Five Best Office Jobs

We live in a highly competitive and stressful job market scenario where passing through each day is a challenge. With the constant rise of expenses, it gets increasingly difficult to meet through all our requirements, hence working or having a job is a must. But with most office jobs, lives become very stressful and maintaining a work-life balance is almost impossible. There are deadlines to meet and yet survive in this constantly changing corporate life. What more most jobs become highly dissatisfying when you are doing it against your will and it pays less as well. Here we have categorized 5 best office jobs which are based on certain key aspects. Timings, office culture, pay, stress in work, job opportunities and overall work-life-balance.

5 Best Office Jobs

Web Content Writer: 

This is one of the most emerging jobs around the world now. The demand for writers be it technical, creative or for SEO is paramount worldwide and there is a big market for technical writers now. The best part of this job is that it is stress free and it gives you an opportunity of being creative. You don’t need to worry about work when you reach home and thus you can maintain a good work life balance. This job gives you the creative freedom to try your creative skills in different fields without having a boring day at office. The pay is also sufficiently good and there are other added perks in the office as well.

Corporate Lawyer: 

Corporate lawyers have a job that is highly desirable and very glamorous at the same time. You always get the opportunity to work with the most esteemed dignitaries of the organisation and your main task is to maintain the corporate ethics as well as retain the brand image of the company. Their work although allows some stress but is perfect for working mothers. The work hours is flexible and mostly decent. The pay is quite high and most importantly you work in the capacity of an advisor. There are certain rules and laws for everything and your main job is to understand which one suits your need perfectly for your company to prosper. This then becomes a very easy to achieve job once you understand the nitty gritty of the job. Corporate law is not at all stressful like other lawyers such as criminal lawyers and thus there is quite comfort in working these jobs.

Human Resources Manager: 

The role of a human resource manager is to choose and recruit new people in their office. They schedule and conduct interviews and see every aspect of it from end to end. The job is a very relaxing and stress free one. The pressure of recruiting new recruits is not felt round the year and there are certain guidelines which needs to be followed so as to conduct your work. The pay is fairly good as compared to the amount of work needed. In fact the role of HR manager in large firms and companies is very important. Very important decisions reside with them. They are also responsible for keeping a check on the conduct of an employee. Any break of rules and they hold the power to terminate your job as well. But inspite of all the responsibilities HR managers can maintain a healthy and good work life balance and continue to have a good social life.

Accounting and Audit Clerk: 

Job seekers who appreciate numbers, organization and work life balance may consider accounting and auditing as their career. These professionals keep financial records for organizations as well as keep in house records  The pay is good and this job suits perfectly for those who are good with numbers and have a good memory capacity. The work pressure is minimal and the main pressure arises during the economic year ending. They enjoy more flexibility and stress free life than their other industry parallels. Auditing will take you to other offices as well where you can keep tabs of the financial records of other business profiles as well. This is very interesting as this will give you more insight into understanding how a business actually works, where does the money flow in most and what are the top expenditures that you need to focus on. This will in return enable you to incorporate in your office and thus also help you in the long run.

Software Developer: 

This job is a very much debatable job one because some say it’s stressful but some not. And that’s just the beauty of the job. Software developers are those who are passionate about their work and thus they chose this sector. Software development jobs revolutionised the whole IT job scenario and brought about radical changes in the way any work was seen. This is one of the best salaried jobs. Software developers have high demand in the market. Also they can sometimes choose to work from home which still makes it one of the most lucrative and sought after jobs till date. Agreed that many a time meeting deadlines in the services industry can be quite stressful but software developers essentially love their jobs, hence they don’t feel the pressure at all.

These are generally considered the best office jobs by popular opinion around the world. The demand of these jobs, their resourcefulness, the freedom that these jobs offer are really something that makes them unique. Whatever people might argue, niche skill jobs aren’t always the best jobs because there you have to slog a lot to make a mark. Whereas here you are getting an opportunity where there wouldn’t be any scarcity of jobs in near future. These jobs also help you to find out time and give some more time to your family. With these jobs you can also meet the expenses of your family fairly well and have a smooth life. What more since in a single office there will be fewer people doing your job you are less likely to fall in the majority bracket. This ensures that you will be noticed more hence along with the pay you also have a fair amount of chance to grow high in your official position.
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