How to install source packet in linux

Friday, October 12, 2018

/ by Theo Mason

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Linux is very dissimilar Operating system from windows. It is open source but as it is not portable like windows so it is very difficult to install programs or packages. Many linux users are out there who dont know how to install programs or packages in linux.

 How to install source packet

Definitely there are different methods of installing packages in linux. But today we are going to discuss about the most difficult process of installing a program

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Here's The Installations Guide:

1. If you have a source packet (these can be recognised by file extension .tar.gz) then extract it with any archiver.
2. Search for some files like . If was not found then search for file compile.
3. If you have then open terminal there and type 'sh'
4. If you have compile file then:-
               a- open terminal there and type './compile'
                b- after completion of compilation process type 'make'
                c- then type 'make install' to place all the files in their system directories

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Installation process for debian files:

1. Get a debian file (comes with extension .deb)
2. Open terminal where the file is stored
3. there type sudo dpkg -i <filename>.deb
4. provide superuser password and your program will be installed.

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