Apex Legends: Best & Recommended Characters In The Game Plus The Weak Ones That You Should Note Down

Best Characters In Apex Legends

Friday, February 8, 2019

/ by Theo Mason

  • Apex Legends: Best characters In The Game Plus The Weak Ones That You Should Note Down
  • Best Characters In Apex Legends
  • Who's The Best Character To Choose In Apex Legends
  • Apex Legends Weak Characters
  • List Of The Best Character In Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the new addition by Respawn Entertainment is quickly gaining popularity. Are you wondering which Apex Legends character is the best for you? and the weak ones you should not play with? Ok we'll list them all right here.

 Apex Legends best characters recommended and weak characters

Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale for PS4, Xbox One and PC, title initially a part of Titanfall universe ended up becoming a separate title from the Titanfall franchise. Having already gained popularity in the gaming community with outstanding millions of players broked so far, it definitely is on the radar for all gamers. Also, it does not come as a surprise that players want to know which Apex Legends character are best to worst for selection. Nobody wants to acquire a weak character right?

The list of best and worst Apex Legends characters You Need To Know

Best Characters

Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher):

The mighty Wraith with her unique abilities does make her popular among the players. As like most of Apex Legends her all abilities are of the similar nature. Her passive abilities include “Voices from the Void” which is basically her ability to detect approaching danger. Furthermore, she also has a tactical move called “Into the Void” which can essentially be used to avoid damage, a kind of retreat in other dimension. Similarly, her ultimate move is “Dimensional Rift” which she can use to open portal to link two parts of the map but only for 60 seconds. She’s a very tough character to use but she’s very effective if done right making her one of the best Apex Legends characters to use for professional players.

Mirage (Holographic Trickster):
Mirage is the second legend that is not available at the start of the game. This character has a deceptive nature as far as his abilities are concerned. For his passive ability, this character when knocked down can drop a decoy and cloak himself for very short period of time. In addition, the Apex legend uses the tactical ability called “Psyche Out” which involves a decoy to deceive the opponent. Lastly, the character’s ultimate move is “Vanishing Act” in which character send out a whole team of decoy while the actual one cloaks himself and escapes.

Lifeline (Combat Medic):

As the name suggests, the character has medical expertise and her abilities include healing teammates with a shield protecting her and her teammate and she can does this comparatively quicker. Furthermore, she herself can use items 25% quicker. This Apex Legend’s tactical move  is “The Drone of Compassion” which is a drone which heals teammates that are near it. Similarly, her ultimate move is “Care package” which calls for a care package drop with defensive gear.

Recommended Characters

Blood Hound (Technological Tracker):

Blood hound is the Legend that has definitely gotten popular with the players, game-play with character is somewhat like playing Call of Duty multiplayer with the opponent’s location on. As this character can use his abilities to locate opponent but it is limited to a specific radius around the character. Moreover, with the tactical ability “Eye of the Allfather”, players can ping location of opponent to teammates. Lastly, “Beast of the Hunt” mode which is the ultimate move turn this character into the ultimate hunter. This mode increases the speed of Apex Legend, highlight the enemies and their cold tracks. Unfortunately, this character can sustain this mode for a short period of time. He's one of the best character in Apex Legends you should look at for.

Bangalore (Professional Soldier):
Bangalore is standard definition of a soldier, not a surprise as the short description is relatable. This character has the ability to move 2x fast under fire. In addition, this Apex Legend has the tactical move of using a smoke launcher which fire a canister that is filled with smoke that explodes upon impact, in simpler worlds smoke screen. Lastly, the ultimate of this character which is an impressive one called “Rolling Thunder”. It an artillery strike called upon by the character that moves across the whole map and can cause a lot of damage if properly timed.

Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress):
The short description of this character does highlight his defensive capabilities but this character happens to be balanced in terms of defense and offense. The Apex Legend’s abilities are mainly focus on avoiding damage and damage reduction including his tactical move called “Dome of protection”. The dome is a shield that blocks attacks for a short period of time. Fortunately, this not all about the character because his ultimate move “Defensive Bombardment” doesn’t even sound defensive. It basically a mortar strike that can be called at a specific location causing a lot of damage. I don't know what you're thinking now, but his one of our favorite character.

The Weak Options

Caustic (Toxic Trapper):
This Apex Legend happen to be one of the two which are locked at the start of the game. In order to unlock this character, the players need Legend Tokens. Characters passive ability is “Nox Vision” which can be used on enemies moving through the gas. This Legend also has a tactical ability called “Nox Gastrap” which is basically a trap of six canisters which upon being triggered by enemy would cause damage to all hostiles in the area. Character’s ultimate move is “Nox Gas Grenade” which covers a large area in gas when used which would benefit his passive ability.

Pathfinder (Forward Scout):
This character is a robot which i wouldn’t call the most important character when it comes to winning the game but it does have its abilities. This Apex Legend has a passive ability called “Insider Knowledge” which allows the character to update the safe zone locations before the rest and definitely provides an edge to the team. Tactical move of the character is “Grappling hook” which has multiple advantages ranging from getting out of a tight situation to reaching higher vantage points. Lastly, this Apex Legend’s ultimate move is “Zipline Gun” which allows the team to move around the map much quicker.

Best Characters, Recommended & Weak Characters Any Difference?

Yes there are differences as listed above you can see the best characters are those characters with outstanding abilities. The Recommended ones we listed are also very good they've good astonish abilities like Bangalore with 2x fast under fire, she's a good option to play with along with the rest. Over to the weak ones Caustic and Pathfinder. caustic having Box Gastrap does not make him a good option. The Robot ain't a good option either for gun rush his "insider knowledge" ain't enough for us.  If we have to list best and recommend any character then we would recommend the top tier player because of their more balanced attributes and abilities. Above all the game requires the players to function as a team and for that reason a team with different Apex Legends with different abilities would prove to be behooveful.
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