5 Most Malevolent Supervillain Couples In Marvel Universe

5 Most Malevolent Supervillain Couples In Marvel Universe Ranked

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

/ by Theo Mason

  • 5 Most Malevolent Supervillain Couples In Marvel Universe Ranked
  • Marvel Malevolent Supervillain Couples Ranked

The Marvel movies & comics are famously loved all over the world. But if there’s an Achilles heel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is it’s  Supervillains. 
They're disastrous, and a nightmare to the hero ones. Those malevolent villains remains the Marvel’s absolute best antagonists to date. In the comic world, is a 'couple' strictly two humans? Or is there room to explore the relationship between a man and his symbiote?  In this list, we explore the malevolent  Supervillain couples in the Marvel Universe.

Thanos & Mistress Death
Thanos remains the worst threat to the Earth super heroes, he sworn to destroy all Universe he gets into. He became obsessed, with death at young age. He matured and sought to win Death's favor through acts of murder and genocide. He got stronger with the help of Cosmic Cube and most powerful in all the Infinity Gems. He embedded on destroying the universe with his lover Mistress Death, this is the most devastatingly evil act shildy by these two malevolent Supervillains.

Galactus & His Pursuivant's
Galactus, this powerful villain must devour planets to survive. Pursuivants is needed on the mission, most destructive & famous one is Sliver Surfer. Who worked with his master Galactus to cause billions of deaths throughout the universe. This merge the both in the list of most malevolent couples in the Marvel Universe.

Onslaught (Professor X & Magneto)
The peace-loving Professor X and the belligerent Magneto have merged and become the core conflict in X-Men books. It was revealed that the dark aspects of Magneto's psyche found their way into Xavier's unconscious and merged with it. This created a being of immense psychic energy called "Onslaught". The unspeakable malevolent embarked on a devastated task which resulted the death of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

The Absorbing Man & Titania
These Marvel Supervillain couple "Crusher" Creel and Mary MacPherran met during the original Secret Wars on BattleWorld. The two couple returned to planet Earth to make life a living hell for heroes like Thor and She-Hulk.

Venom (Eddie Brock & The Symbiote)
When Spider-Man made his way back to Earth with his new costume after original Secret Wars. Not knowing his new suit was a Symbiotic alien. He managed to shed the Symbiote, and it bonded with Eddie Brock, a Photojournalist whose career was ruined by Peter Parker. Now the couple are in a hunt for Spider-Man.

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