Marvel Studios Announced The Perfect Replacement For Spider-Man

Marvel Studios Announced The Perfect Replacement For Spider-Man The Ms. Marvel

Saturday, August 31, 2019

/ by Theo Mason

  • Marvel Studios Announced  The Perfect Replacement For Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man MCU's Replacement Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios has announced the perfect Spider-Man replacement Kamala Khan the (MS. Marvel). It's easy to forget that Ms. Marvel was designed after the pattern of Spider-Man. Our friendly neighborhood spidey is gone! that's pretty bad.
Her creators Marvel editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie, and writer G. Willow Wilson - envisioned her as another "Every-man Hero", designed to represent the complexity of a modern, multicultural society. Where Peter Parker was originally a Jewish kid, they created Kamala Khan as a young Muslim, and the majority of her stories subtly explore themes of social justice in the context of fundamentalist faith. Lets take some minutes and lure around the next replacement of your friendly neighborhood Spidey below.

But keep in mind that, as famous as Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel may be, all this isn't to say that she's already become the equal of Spider-Man in terms of cultural impact, brand recognition, or even merchandise value. She's a remarkable success, to be sure especially for a character who was only introduced in the comics back in 2013 but she's nowhere near that big. Yes that's the real fact. 
The loss of Spider-Man means that the MCU no longer has an "Every-man Hero" who represents the teen audience. Such a sad news for Spider-Man fans out there. Although, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been teasing Kamala's MCU debut for over a year now, stressing that the MCU's Ms. Marvel would be comic book accurate.

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