5 Times The Flash Proved Himself As The Most Powerful Superhero In The DC Universe

5 times The Flash proved he is the most powerful character in the DC Universe.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

/ by Theo Mason

  • 5 Times The Flash Proved Himself As The Most Powerful Superhero In The DC Universe
  • Flash The Most Powerful Character In The DC Universe

Cracking things down, DC has some of the most powerful comic book characters no doubt. For instance the Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern especially, it is evident that some top DC heroes can pack an incredibly powerful punch. But there is one character many over looks or may not expect to be as powerful, but in some ways he has proved that he is the real superhero, he should be added in the list of most powerful of all. Who could that be? The Flash...
Over the years, The Flash has demonstrated some of the most incredible feats, accomplishing things so impossible that it is hard to not see him as DC’s most powerful character. To put in some backup for this claim, here is our list of 5 times The Flash proved he is the most powerful character in the DC Universe.
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Alters Time:
On several occasions, Barry Allen has traveled back in time, only to alter the past in some form, For as often as this happens, one would think that The Flash and other speedsters would learn to not play with things like time in such a manner. Sincerely speaking, no matter how irresponsible altering time can be, it always be an incredible display of power. 

Faster Than Mighty Superman:
Going up against Superman in any form or fashion is no easy feat. We all know the superior powers superman possess. But likewise, emerging victorious is even harder. However, Barry has had no issues leaving the Man of Steel behind in the past. As of The Flash: Rebirth by Geoff Johns, The Flash has been the definitive Fastest Man Alive. If you're downgrading the Flash then consider him beating Superman. This proves his indeed the most powerful or one of the powerful in DC universe.
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Ran Himself To Death:
The hero actually ran himself to death, sacrificing himself for all of humanity and saving the entire universe. During the massive Crisis On Infinite Earths event, Barry famously ran himself out of existence in order to save everyone else. His sacrifice remained part of his legacy for years. This is one the proof that makes him the powerful character.

Created The Speed Force:
Haven't know yet? This is one of Barry’s biggest accomplishments, creating the Speed Force itself. Also from The Flash: Rebirth, Geoff Johns revealed that Barry Allen actually used his abilities from the Speed Force to create the Speed Force. Also know (according to the science of the DCU) Speed Force is the thing that actually moves time forward, this means that Barry actually created the concept of time and is the reason there is a past, present and future, making for one of the most incredible displays of power in comic history.

Ran Himself Back To Life:
After everything seemed hopeless towards the end of Final Crisis, barry allen actually made his triumphant return from the dead. After the Black Racer was chasing Barry in the past, Barry ran so fast that he ended up in the present, thus saving his own life. At this point, Barry began adjusting to the years he had lost, working his way back up to one of the most powerful men on the planet. So if you don't have anything else that will make you to believe his the powerful of all, then consider, outrunning death the powerful thing.

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