OnePlus New Model Will Be Cheaper Than OnePlus 7 Pro And Will Feature 90Hz Refresh Rate CEO Assured

OnePlus New Model Will Be Cheaper Than OnePlus 7 Pro And Will Feature 90Hz Refresh Rate CEO Said

Thursday, September 5, 2019

/ by Theo Mason

  • 90Hz Refresh Rate to Be Part of New OnePlus Model: CEO Says It Will Be Cheaper Than OnePlus 7 Pro
  • New OnePlus With 90Hz Refresh Rate Coming

OnePlus is an incredible smartphone company not only that the company has made name, they sell off a good affordable mobile phones. Although the company recently adding some bucks on their smartphone making it more expensive than before.
OnePlus 7 Pro price has been a pain in the ass for some android users. But before the OnePlus 7 Pro was launched, the company’s CEO had hinted that the phone will be a little expensive because of the improved display technology. He alerted early about the price so we obviously going to deal with it besides the 7 Pro worth the price. Alright today a good news surfaced that a new OnePlus model is also going to offer a 90Hz refresh rate but it will be more cheaper than the company’s current flagship the 7 Pro.

New OnePlus Model Could We Get It In Affordable Price Below $650?

Talking about a new model, which may, or may not be the OnePlus 7T, company CEO Pete Lau spoke with CNET and said that the new OnePlus model will also use the same AMOLED 90Hz display as the OnePlus 7 Pro but will be more affordable. To remind you, the latter starts at $669, which means if we're lucky the OnePlus 7T might retails around $600. For a flagship, this will be crazily affordable and can help the Chinese company snatch away some consumers from Google and Samsung. What do you think?

Lau also expects the 90Hz refresh rate to become a standard flagship feature in the future. Currently, most handsets sport 60Hz displays. With a 90Hz refresh rate, the display provides a smoother experience, with animations becoming more fluid. OnePlus was the first in the industry to use a QHD+ 90Hz AMOLED screen with the ultrapremium OnePlus 7 Pro. The overwhelming positive feedback pushed us to bring 90Hz, which we believe will become standard on flagship phones, to our highly acclaimed premium lineup so that more people can experience the smooth scrolling display.”

Lau says the new OnePlus model is coming very soon, which is in line with reports claiming that phone will be revealed by the end of September. Although he stated that the phone will be fueled by a Qualcomm 800 series SoC, he didn’t say whether it will be the Snapdragon 855 or the more recent Snapdragon 855 Plus.
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