Apple’s 2020 iPhone Pricing Could Be High With The Use Of New Materials And A 5G Band

iPhone 12 Price Will Go Higher Than Previous iPhones

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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  • Apple’s 2020 iPhone Pricing Could Be High With The Use Of New Materials And A 5G Band
  • iPhone 12 Price Will Go Higher Than Previous iPhones

Apple does everything to satisfy they users, no one wants to spend high on low quality devices, as we can see how the flagship (iPhone 11 Series) made a blast success, bagging in a lot of praises from the users
Apple have seen that consumers can't really spend money on any smartphones unless their features justify the cost. That’s why Apple seemingly believes that a couple of upgrades on its next-generation handsets merit a price tramp. The news comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who expects the iPhone 12 price to increase due to two reasons.
With camera upgrades including new cooling solution to control 5G modem temperatures might add to the iPhone 12 lineup’s cost. Apple kick-started the trend of $1,000 price tags in the smartphone industry. Apparently, the annual price rise was really detrimenting sales, and that’s presumably the reason why prices remained the same this year even though the iPhone 11 series comes with a faster processor, impressive camera upgrades and battery durability. However, that is reportedly going to change next year, as the iPhone 12 price is expected to be more than that of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
In a new note with TF International Securities, Kuo has reportedly said that he expects the iPhone 12 price to go up due to a new processing method and the integration of composite materials for the new metal frame structure. Earlier, Kuo reported that the iPhone 12 will be getting iPhone 4 metal surface design, but that might result in an increase in per-unit cost. This will most likely be passed on to consumers, meaning they’ll have to pay more to own a device sporting a premium build.
All models belonging to the iPhone 12 series are expected to feature 5G connectivity, according to Kuo. Since 5G is still a new technology, the first crop of phones supporting it is pretty expensive. Thus, it’s expected that the iPhone 12’s price will also go up because of the transition from 4G to the next generation of wireless connectivity. Apple could procure 5G modems from Qualcomm, with industry watchers saying it will take the iPhone giant a few years before it has its in-house modems running in future iPhones and iPads. The iPhone 11 Pro Max in the U.K. starts at £1149, in U.S. $1099, which means the iPhone 12 price could likely cross the $1,200 mark. Since Samsung’s 5G flagships cost around $1,300, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if customers have to pay more to experience 5G connectivity on the upcoming iPhone models. Do you plan to spend on the 5G-ready iPhone 12 or will you settle for a more affordable Android alternative? Tell us in the comments below.
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