Worker Asks Boss For Some Day Off To Play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Worker Asks Boss For Leave To Play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Friday, October 25, 2019

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  • Worker Asks Boss For Some Day Off To Play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
  • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

While the long awaited Call Of Duty Modern Warfare debuts today, we also have some hilarious update to back it up. The recent release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was long awaited by fans who are extremely overwhelmed.
However, sitting through at work seeing your friends talking about how the game is, there experience, is something you can't endure,  when you know you've a new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare game waiting for you at home to indulge into. So, to help them out, the Call of Duty social media team came to their rescue. The social media team provided a solution to all gamers in form of a leave letter template. The team further suggested that gaming community can send the letter to their bosses.
The letter reads: "I am writing to advise _______ is to be relieved of all current duties commencing 0001 hours on October 25. The circumstances of their absence are of a highly classified nature, hence should not be subject to questioning due to the sensitivity of activities during the aforementioned time period. After this post went viral, a man decided to go with the letter and requested his boss to grant him a day leave. The man took to the micro blogging site to share a photo of the letter with his name written on it.
Unsurprisingly, his manager's response was not what he hoped to receive. Chris Carter, aged 35 and working as a refrigeration engineer, told LADbible, "I sent it to my direct team leader, and he told me - and I quote - 'You can kiss my a**! If anyone is having tomorrow off, it's me.'"
It was further mentioned in the report that Chris and his manager share a wonderful bond of friendship. "Me and my team leader regularly play CoD together and we also play Airsoft together," he said. "We are both in work today and on the same site, ribbing each other about CoD and trying to get finished first to see if we can get off early."
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