AMD CPUs Dominates Amazon Best Selling Processors

Amazon Top 10 Best Selling Processors

Thursday, November 28, 2019

/ by Kevin smith

  • AMD CPUs Dominates Amazon Best Selling Processors
  • Amazon Top 10 Best Selling Processors

AMD is totally unstoppable with their Ryzen processors, they keeps dominating more in all angles. The tech enthusiasts have had their eyes on AMD ever since (Zen architecture) launched, but this is one of the first times that a large online retailer has given us a breakdown of historical sales chart, which AMD dominates in all.
The company has been absolutely crushing the competition and bagging awards and market share left, right and center with their brand new third-generation processors. On Amazon, the world's largest retailer, the company has dominated 8 out of 10 spots in the top 10 best selling processors list.
Amazon Top 10 Best Selling Processors(AMD Dominates The Sale Chart) 
Amazon represents one of the biggest statistical sources for sampling consumer demand for any given product and since the best selling list is updated almost hourly, it represents a realtime view in the world of product trends. A mostly stable position indicates very high interest and sales in a product and AMD has been occupying 8 out of 10 slots for quite some time now.
In addition, the best selling AMD processor is the second generation Ryzen 2700X which offers an incredible per-core price of a mere $23 USD. Intel's best selling processor, the 9900K, on the other hand, represents a significantly higher $58 USD per core figure. It is worth noting that while the 9900K is superior in terms of gaming performance, the performance difference isn't anywhere close to the price difference. No doubt!!
The fact that two of AMD's second-generation processors are offering performance levels in the ballpark of Intel's 9th generation offerings at less than half the per-core pricing is telling of the dilemma Intel faces. With AMD's third-generation processors now offering not only higher perf-per-dollar figures but higher absolute value as well, Intel will soon have no option but to undercut prices once more or yield a ton of market share.
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