US President Donald Trump: Apple Should Manufacture 5G Small Cells

Apple 5G Small Cells, Mimo Base Station

Thursday, November 21, 2019

/ by Andre Dougs

  • US President Donald Trump: Apple Should Manufacture 5G Small Cells
  • Apple 5G Small Cells, Mimo Base Station

It's obvious that Apple will support 5G in at least one of its iPhone models next year, for their 2019 flagships (iPhone 11 series) we have to settle for 4G LTE unless you've to move to Android, Samsung, LG or OnePlus. Other than 5G connectivity, the next Apple phones are said to feature a more advanced 3D camera and other outstanding features.
Yesterday, United States President Donald Trump visited the american tech giant (Apple's manufacturing facilities) in Texas. However, Apple CEO, Tim Cook has promised President Trump more jobs in the United States, and to that end, Apple announced a brand new $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas on the heels of Mr. Trump's visit. Read on for more details.
Setting up 5G coverage in a country isn't easy. The network operates on different frequencies due to current bands being occupied, and as a result, carriers have to use different equipment. Small cells and Multiple In, Multiple Out base stations form the backbone of 5G infrastructure, and the US is shorthanded in this equipment due to the government's national security concerns surrounding Huawei. It's obvious that Mr. President wants Apple to expands its product portfolio by building 5G infrastructure inside the U.S. 
President Trump seems to have an alternative to Huawei on his mind, and this alternative is none other than Apple. During his tour of Apple's facilities in Austin, the President had American 5G infrastructure on his mind as well. As a result, he asked Mr. Cook to consider constructing equipment to provide 5G coverage to American citizens. 
Donald Trump, believes that Apple has all the equipments and expertise to develop such. But, he fails to consider that the company is known for its tight ecosystem. If Apple-made 5G small cells and MIMO base stations support all devices, then it'll be the first time that the company will go against its rule. This is an interesting conversation that we'll love to hear your part use the comments section below to tell us what you think about this.

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