More Than Half Of European Users Prefer AMD CPUs According To EHA Survey

60% of European Users Prefer AMD CPUs According To EHA Survey

Saturday, November 30, 2019

/ by Theo Mason

  • More Than Half Of European Users Prefer AMD CPUs According To EHA Survey
  • 60% of European Users Prefer AMD CPUs According To EHA Survey

An independent survey by the European Hardware Association have revealed this amazing news, showing that over 60℅ users prefers AMD CPUs
This is a number that is up from 40% in 2018 and can be attributed to AMD's highly successful Zen architecture as well as their process leadership on the 7nm node. The press release from EHA can be found over here. Believe it or not AMD deserves it, they have the best cards in an affordable price than any other company. The Intel rival dominates the top 10 most and best sold processors on the number one online retailer (Amazon). AMD is looking very much like the champion and Intel the underdog. This independent survey from EHA, reminds me of my own survey I ran early this year, I discovered that AMD is gaining users massively. It really fascinating to see the company trying to snatch the crown from Intel.
More Than 60% Of European Users Prefer AMD CPUs According To EHA Survey

AMD's net interest in early 2017 was around 40%, unfortunately we don't have the results right here, so let's talk the 2019, the percentage grew about 50% in early 2019 and crossed 60% by the second half of 2019. Considering Intel does not expect its 10nm to ship before 2H 2020, we expect this share to increase even further (barring a second round of price cuts from Intel). EHA Chairman, Koen Crijns had the following to say about the results:

  • “The last three years has seen AMD gain a lot of momentum in the enthusiast segment,” said EHA chairman Koen Crijns. “With the Ryzen series of CPUs, AMD has eliminated any lingering performance gaps, while offering a great price/performance ratio”.
  • “The surge in preference from 50% to 60% over recent months, can be explained by the launch of AMD’s latest 3rd generation Ryzen desktop CPU”, said Crijns. “Ryzen 3000 not only offers better performance under multi-threaded workloads, but also under lightly-threaded applications like PC games”.
  • “While Nvidia is still the dominant force in this segment and 72.8% of the technology enthusiasts, early adopters and influencers who read EHA publications would choose GeForce, the launch of AMD’s aggressively priced Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT products has made an impact”, explained Crijns. “Back in May, less than 19% of our readers were choosing AMD graphics. Today that number is closer to 23%”.
  • “Our most recent survey shows that people who prefer AMD GPUs almost exclusively combine them with AMD CPUs”, said Crijns. “The combination of Intel CPU with AMD GPU only accounts for 2.9% of the results”. Source: EHA

EHA is crediting the launch of AMD's 3rd generation Ryzen and Threadripper parts for the massive shift in consumer sentiment - and this is not surprising considering this is where 7nm kicked in for the company and AMD graduated from the "value" choice to the "absolute best performing & value" choice. While they compete on the best performing ethos in CPUs, the company can chase the value ethos in GPUs, taking advantage of the fact that it's on the 7nm process while NVIDIA is not. What's your thought on this? Do you prefer AMD cards? Tell us in the comments below.
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